Lego Rock Raiders

LEGO Media International, announces two new games set in a dangerous underground world.

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LONDON - LEGO Media International – who develop, publish and market media products for children between the ages of two and sixteen – has announced two new games set in a dangerous underground world. Based on the newly announced LEGO SYSTEM™ theme of the same name, LEGO Rock Raiders™ places the fate of the crew of the LMS Explorer in a resource strategy game on PC CD-ROM and 3D action game on PlayStation®.

Stranded in orbit around an uncharted planet, the crew of the geological survey ship LMS Explorer has detected large deposits of LEGO® energy crystals and LEGO ore hidden beneath the planet’s surface. Players aged eight years and older must navigate their way through the dangerous underground, avoiding natural hazards and creatures like the Rock Monsters, while mining the precious resources that will enable them to re-energise the ship’s engines and get them home.

LEGO Rock Raiders is the first LEGO Media product that will be launched at the same time as the linked construction toy theme. The game has been developed in parallel with the LEGO SYSTEM range and features the same mini-figures, vehicles and rock monsters that are available in physical form.

LEGO Rock Raiders on PC CD-ROM is also the first resource-based strategy game that is really ‘kids compatible’. A level-based approach to both games gives children a progressive challenge that grows with their playing experience and presents new goals at every stage. Help is always at hand from the crew of the LMS Explorer as they offer words of advice and encouragement.

Beware of Rock Monsters
Rock Monsters are huge creatures that lie dormant within the walls of the caverns and tunnels of the underground world. They survive by consuming the LEGO energy crystals that the Rock Raiders require and these denizens guard their food jealously. Although they aren’t an evil race, the player controlling the Rock Raiders will have to avoid making them angry, as it can have dangerous consequences.

Join the Rock Raiders
LEGO Rock Raiders lets the players experience first hand what it would be like to be one of the Rock Raiders on their dangerous mission. They can sit at the controls of a huge excavator or pilot a Hoverboard, as the team search for the precious LEGO ore and energy crystals.

Each Rock Raider mini-figure is equipped with a special helmet, protecting them from falling rocks, and providing light and communications. Hand Held Scanners enable the Rock Raiders to scan for the precious resources while relaying information about their immediate environment – type of rock, temperature, levels of poison gases, and the geography of the surrounding caverns and tunnels. Weapons available to ward off the potentially dangerous creatures of the Underground include the Pusher Gun, Freezer Gun, Teleporter Gun and, the specialty of the engineer characters, Dynamite.

From the LEGO Underground HQ, the Rock Raiders set off in a wide variety of vehicles in their quest for the precious ore and energy crystals. Each vehicle has different characteristics: the small and speedy Hoverboard, the waterborne Cat, the all-terrain legged Scout Driller, the slow-moving workhorse Loaderdozer, the Giant Drilling Vehicle, with its large drill and storage bays, and the massive Tunnel Transport, that is perfect for bringing back the vehicles and ore from long trips. Should any of this equipment be damaged, it is possible to take it back to the Underground HQ for vital repairs or even build new ones, providing the players have enough LEGO ore.

About LEGO Media International
LEGO Media International was established in 1996 with worldwide headquarters in Hammersmith London. LEGO Media International is responsible for the development, publishing and marketing of media products for children between the ages of two and sixteen. As part of the LEGO Group, LEGO Media International has access to unique brand recognition as well as strong marketing and distribution power in the children’s market.

The Company is led by a strong senior management team of talented interactive media industry professionals and experienced managers from the LEGO Group. LEGO Media International is a separate limited company in the UK and an incorporated company in the US.