S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Dynamic Atmospherics Information

“Nobody, not even the rain, has such small hands.” E.E. Cummings.

Posted by Staff
Storm clouds gather in the moonlit sky. A chill wind blows through the abandoned playground and leaves gather to cover the decaying husks of once recognisable, once friendly creatures. The changeable world of STALKER has you now. Will you run? Will you sleep? Will you hide and wait? Every decision you make now will affect the rest of your time here – however short a time that turns out to be.

In STALKER every wind is an ill one and every night follows day as GSC's dynamic weather system shapes the environment around you. Gone is the safety of pseudo-realistic games. STALKER works with the environment in the most sinister, most natural ways. Behind every change in weather, behind each night/day cycle is an engine offering enormous gameplay possibilities. Shaders, shadows and volumetric effects such as fog, mist and lighting are efficiently integrated into a game experience which redefines current expectations of the word 'dynamic'. GSC's ground breaking technology gives us new layers of gameplay – layers absent from all other FPS games.

This engine is controlled by an advanced AI that creates unscripted challenges through a series of complex rules. Those shadows hide more than fear. That wind affects the migration of pack animals or the sleeping patterns of other Stalkers. Then there is the rain. And the fog that stretches across the landscape and reaches into your heart. These things task you. They tire you and as dawn begins to break your choice to stay awake, fearful of the next surprise, has taken its toll. But insomnia is only a part of it.

Daylight brings a whole new set of problems...