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Hothouse Creations announces the real-time strategy game, Gangsters 2, for the PC.

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Hothouse Creations, a UK-based developer of interactive entertainment products, today announced the real-time strategy game, Gangsters 2, for the PC.

Penciled for release late next year, Gangsters 2 is the sequel to the hugely successful Gangsters: Organized Crime, which to-date has sold 500,000 units Worldwide. The game is a top selling PC title in the UK, US and Germany and has very recently been re-released on budget.

Gangsters 2 is a real-time strategy game set in Prohibition America and puts you at the head of a crime family. As the Mob Boss you must deal in extortion, illegal liquor, prostitution, violence, intimidation, gambling, gang warfare, bribery of officials, permanent elimination of individuals and a host of money-making activities to ensure success over the other crime families in the city.

New features include:

· Living, breathing cities with day and night events
· Gangsters 2 is now completely real-time
· A wide range of specialist characters to employ such as Hit-men, Safe-Crackers, Kidnappers and Card-Sharps
· Multiple cities to control - each offering a different challenge

“After the success of the original Gangsters and the amount of tremendous customer feedback received, we immediately began design work on its sequel. Gangsters is both innovative and original and has quickly become a major franchise title and one we will be supporting for quite some time to come.” Commented Project Manager, Peter Moreland.

"The enormous success of Gangsters across Europe, shows Hothouse Creations capacity of developing top quality and innovative products as well as Eidos strength in marketing and distribution," said Martin Carr, Director of Hothouse Creations. "Our objective for Gangsters 2 is to make it even more innovative, original and impressive than Gangsters and we are very glad to team up with Eidos once again."

Founded in 1996, Hothouse Creations is an industry leader developing entertainment software in conjunction with Eidos Interactive Ltd.

Hothouse can be accessed on-line at http://www.hothouse.org

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