Turn The Lights Off, The PC On and The Volume Up, Because Emerging From The Dark Woods Are The Blair Witch Projects.

Take 2 Interactive and the Gathering of Developers proudly announce a three-game series based on the blockbuster film The Blair Witch Project.

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Using the awesome power of the Nocturne Engine, Developers Terminal Reality, Human Head, and Ritual Entertainment will bring the three chilling narratives into blood-curdling realism on PC's from September 2000.

Format: PC CD-ROM
Release Dates:
Volume 1: Rustin Parr 29 September 2000
Volume 2: The Legend of Coffin Rock 27 October 2000
Volume 3: The Elly Kedward Tale 24 November 2000

Three nightmares from the past.

Blair Witch Volume 1: Rustin Parr Set in 1941, this first adventure pits Spookhouse agent Doc Holliday against the demons that drove hermit Rustin Parr to brutally torture and murder seven children in Burkittsville, Maryland. Along the way, she will have to interact with horror-stricken townspeople and investigate ancient Native American legends and rituals as she seeks out the seed of evil that still haunts the town.
Volume 1: will be developed by Terminal Velocity.

Blair Witch Volume 2: The Legend of Coffin Rock In this episode, a Civil War soldier, stricken by amnesia, is rescued in Burkittsville by a strange girl named Robin Weaver and soon dubbed 'Lazarus' by her equally strange grandmother. After Robin mysteriously disappears into the forest of the Black Hills, Lazarus is drawn into a nightmare world of human sacrifice and supernatural terror.
Volume 2: will be developed by Humanhead Studios.

Blair Witch Volume 3: The Elly Kedward Tale The final game of the series reaches to the heart of the Blair Witch myth, recounting the events of 1786, when Elly Kedward was accused of witchcraft and banished from the Blair Township. Now, children are disappearing and the citizens are fleeing in horror. Jonathan Pyre, once a Pastor, but now in conflict with his own shattered faith, takes on the role of witch hunter and journeys to Blair, where he must master all forms of magic- white and black- if he is to save anyone, including himself.
Volume 3: will be developed by Ritual Entertainment.

Key features:
The Nocturne engine was made for this! Perfectly exploiting the dark brooding and sinister atmosphere of the Blair Witch universe. Creepy lighting and shadows, decayed, rotted buildings complete with blood-stained floors, howling winds and fork-lightning are just a few of the environmental and atmospheric effects that the engine is capable of.

As in the film (and Nocturne) the trick to (dare we say) scaring players will be through the understated and impending evil of Blair Witch. We defy you not to feel unsettled as you move through a windswept night into the house that beared witness to the mutilation of several children. …All around you shadows climb and flicker, floorboards creak, and you hear the low pleading moans of the young in torment - and this is just one scene from the first game! The film-like experience is further heightened by use of cleverly poised camera angels and cinematic in game cut scenes.

Episodic Gaming - three games each delving into the rich Blair Witch mythology to produce a different story. Though each is an individual game in it's own right, together they form a highly enjoyable trilogy linked through common and recognizable in-game locations (i.e. the Parr house and Burkittsville itself) and re-appearing characters.

Haxan Films (makers of the first film) have given the developers full access to the rich library of Blair Witch mythology. Thus the many historical and occult references, characters, and events are true to what gave the film such a genuinely creepy feel.

The nature of Gameplay varies from game to game, whether it is the investigative and research nature of the first, the more action orientated combat of the second or the magic, occult and spell invoking of the third.

Level/Game Design - Throughout all three games, innovative ideas are abound - be it the maze of swaying woods, the detail contained in ancient books, elaborate rituals behind casting powerful spells or the experimental ghost-hunting gear from Doc Holiday's bag.

Strong Characterization - The developers have recognized the importance of the inhabitants/people of the Blair Witch world - who is telling the truth, and can I really trust the deputy? The first game alone has over 1700 lines of convincing lip-synced dialogue, and your survival relies heavily on interviewing the townsfolk of Burkitsville.

Fantastic Value - Each of the three games will be very reasonably priced, with a recommended retail price-tag of £19.99.