The new Anarchy Online world launched exceptionally smooth

Tens of thousands of players have flocked to the intriguing new world in the award-winning universe of Anarchy Online.

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Shadowlands redefines the standard of Massively Multiplayer expansion packs, offering a spell-binding new setting, unique graphics and audio and lots of fresh challenges for both new and existing players. The launch of the expansion went exceptionally smooth, and the initial feedback has been very positive.

"We are proud of the technically smooth launch, especially considering the amount of fun new content added to the game" said Game Director Gaute Godager. "With Shadowlands, Anarchy Online is no longer a pure science fiction MMORPG. It goes beyond, almost defining its own genre. Shadowlands is a true exploration in a foreign land... it's a true adventure"

The elaborate feature-set of Shadowlands has received praise from practically all PC gaming media. The very first reviews for Shadowlands are now coming in, with equally impressive feedback. "When the expansion pack weighs in to be as large as the original game, you know it's more than just an expansion" said in their 9 out of 10 review. The leading PC gaming magazine PC Zone UK has given Shadowlands their "Essential" mark, while the German giant PC Action said "Respekt! Sehr gut" in their initial review.

With Shadowlands Funcom introduces 20 gigantic play-fields, 40 smaller play-field areas, and over 165 distinct dungeon zones which are tailored to challenge players of all levels, even beginners. In all more than 225 new areas!

The trials the players must overcome takes them through wildly diverse landscapes, all with unique ambience and setting. Ranging from the celestial Elysium through beautiful underwater areas to the frozen Penumbra and the hellish Inferno; Shadowlands makes the Anarchy Online experience more entertaining than ever before.

Feature Highlights
  • 20 large new play-fields across seven distinct geographical themes
  • 40 play-field areas like gardens and other gathering places
  • 165+ distinct dungeon zones with a unique ambience and feel
  • Enhanced graphics with astounding depth and detail
  • Two new professions; Shade and Keeper
  • Hundreds of new monsters with greatly enhanced AI
  • Thousands of new weapons, armour and items
  • Faction system; consider your actions for benefits and area access
  • More than 800 Perks; increasing specialization
  • Shadowbreed, a special way of unleashing your inner powers in combat
  • Increased level cap, 220
  • The floating city of Jobe
  • Impressive new music score and audio effects
  • And more...

The expansion pack includes full versions of Anarchy Online and Anarchy Online Notum Wars, as well as one month of included game-time for new accounts. Suggested retail price is 29.99 USD/EUR.

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