Schanz takes Mercedes World Racing to Asia

Schanz International Consultants adds another quality partner to its games portfolio for the Asian market by signing rights to represent TDK in Asia.

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Schanz takes Mercedes World Racing to Asia
The relationship begins with the already famous World Racing title on PC, PS2 and Gamecube. World Racing is no run-of-the-mill racing title but one of the most visually impressive racing games ever seen with a terrific amount of playability.

World Racer was developed under the license of Mercedes-Benz and it offers 177 different tracks in seven fully accessible 3D environments. Test your skills in 48 missions and get experience in more than 100 original Mercedes-Benz cars including famous A and S class or discover new vintage or prototype models. Adjust the handling of each car from arcade doer simulation mode and challenge your friends in split-screen or multiplayer modus.

A glimpse of the title is at: and