Search and Rescue 4

Daring helicopter rescue missions based on real-life US Coast Guard procedures!

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Search and Rescue 4
Location: An major incident somewhere near you?

Incident: Prepare for 100 new missions take place in detailed scenery covering towns, coasts, artic areas, rigs lakes and more?

Your job: As a Coast Guard pilot you're thrown into the deep end, with dangerous rescue missions involving everything from stranded hikers and lost kids, to airplanes crashed at sea, leaking oil tankers, or even chemical factory explosions - you'll need a steady hand and well-honed flying skills to succeed!

Search And Rescue 4 is the latest in the popular civilian helicopter flight series. Its remarkable realism and flair for detail, not to mention the amazing new graphics scenery and interactive animated environment, makes this a unique flight simulation.

Continuing the popular Search and Rescue series, SAR4 features improved graphics thanks to the latest-generation Renderware engine and 3 great helos: HH-5A Dauphin, Sikorsky SH-3 Sea King and the BK-117 C-1.