Severance: Blade of Darkness

Codemasters enters mature game market with hack ?n? slash gore-fest Severance: Blade of Darkness.

Posted by Staff
Codemasters will enter the mature-audience game market in November with the global publication of Severance: Blade of Darkness - an 18-rated epic fantasy adventure game, featuring some of the bloodiest combat scenes seen on PC.

Severance: Blade of Darkness has been secured by Codemasters quality-demanding acquisitions programme from Spanish developers RebelAct. (

Set in a world of heroes and quests, Severance: Blade of Darkness will draw mass attention due to the graphic violence displayed in its combat scenes. The sword-wielding player can hack an opponent?s limb off, pick up the dismembered bloody limb and use it as a club to batter the victim, as jets of blood pour from wounds, into submission.

Codemasters will market the title conscientiously, with due consideration given to make potential consumers aware of the game?s content. The game is likely to carry an ELSPA 18 rating and Codemasters will submit the title to the BBFC for classification. Marketing materials will promote the title as suitable for a mature audience only and the packaging will clearly display that the game features graphic scenes of animated violence.

While the title will achieve notoriety for its combat sequences, Codemasters promises much more than a one-shock game. An immersive adventure unfolds as the 3D technology behind the game delivers a cutting-edge graphical experience with superb animation and a full physics system for objects (meaning the player can use practically anything as a weapon).

Visually, the game astounds with what Codemasters is calling the best environment lighting system seen in any game. Flame-induced real time shadows shimmer and flicker as the player moves through the environments.

Multiple playable characters and a progressive RPG storyline takes gameplay beyond a simple slash-?em-up. Four player characters star in Severance, each with their own abilities and even dedicated levels. As players develop their chosen character, bigger weapons and better tool skills are acquired.

Says Mike Hayes, Codemasters? Marketing Director: "We?re confident that Severance is a massive hit in the making. Our decision to take Severance as a key winter title was prompted more by the fact that, like the rest of Codemasters portfolio, it is an excellent game and a potential genre-beater. While the cleverly done gory combat sequences will attract everyone?s attention to Severance, it is the immersive role playing adventure and intricately detailed graphics that will win the game its followers. We will be making the nature of the game and its suitability abundantly clear in all our communications. ?

Luis Alcarcón de la Lastra of RebelAct, says: Codemasters has an exceptional record for taking great games and turning them into incredible publishing successes. We?re very pleased to have their international offices dedicated to making Severance an important title in the PC marketplace.?

Severance: Blade of Darkness is scheduled to launch on PC CD-ROM globally in November.