Championship Manager: Season 00/01

Football season to begin in earnest on November 10th with the launch of Championship Manager: Season 00/01.

Posted by Staff
While the cream of England's professional footballers are preparing to begin an elaborate pre-season warm-up tomorrow (Saturday August 19th), true fans will be pleased to hear that the season will actually begin in the last week of October, with the launch of the latest season update for Championship Manager, the UK's
best-selling football management game.

Championship Manager: Season 00/01 (developed by Sports Interactive and published by Eidos) will not only include completely up-to-date information on every single player and team in a total of 26 separate leagues, it will also
include a number of significant gameplay enhancements, including.

Local and national media involvement - managers can now see and react to media stories about clubs, players and events in the game.

A fully-interactive transfer system featuring all of the elements of modern day negotiation.

Full international simulation featuring all major tournaments (plus B-team and U-21 management opportunities - right up to and including the Olympic Games U23 tournament).

A complete alternative database of randomised fictional players - for the
ultimate challenge.

"Although we are careful to ensure that our season updates contain the most up-to-date information possible, we also like to use these annual releases to include any extra features which we think will enhance the gameplay," says Paul
Collyer, Joint Managing Director of Sports Interactive. "We are especially pleased with the all-new media involvement, as this element doesn't just reflect the way that the media is becoming more important in the game, it also makes the
management of players much more of a challenge."

Championship Manager: Season 00/01 will be available on Windows CD from the last week of October 2000. (A Macintosh version will also be available from the same period, published by Feral Interactive.).

Championship Manager: Season 00/01 - More Key Features.

Twenty-six concurrent leagues (new leagues include Ireland, Northern Ireland, Wales, Turkey, Greece, Russia, Poland, Croatia, Finland and Australia).

Accurate profiles and histories of more than 75,000 players, managers, and coaches, collated by a dedicated army of football fans from every corner of the globe.

A new data editor allowing players to modify the game's stats (to keep their squads up to date or even add themselves into the game).

Updates to all competitions, awards, transfer and disciplinary rules.

Further improvements and enhancements to the match engine and user interface.

Added player statistics (including shots on target and pass completion ratios), to aid player analysis.

A 'live' match day league table allowing players to plot how their club's position changes as the goals fly in.

Improved staff feedback on the current squad and potential signings via the news and player profiles (coach and physio reports are now included).

Improved player feedback via the news and player profiles.

A facility to approach the Football Association to request the postponement of fixtures or to lodge complaints.

Updated player and team photos.