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Dance UK.

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All Singing, All Dancing
Bigben Interactive UK Ltd, one of Europe's leading interactive entertainment software companies, is pleased to announce details of its forthcoming release, Dance:UK on both the PSone and PlayStation 2 formats.

Dance:UK will be released in October 2003 together with an array of branded accessories that enhance the gaming experience across both formats. Bigben Interactive's accessory brand, 4Gamers, will launch a unique 8-way dance-mat, a mini 2.1 dance sound system and wireless microphone karaoke headset allowing players to emulate their idols and sing along while they dance.

In addition to a number of professionally written bespoke dance tracks, Dance:UK will feature the largest collection of licensed music ever to appear in a 'Bemani'-style game. Tracks include chart-topping hits from award-winning acts such as Mis Teeq (one night stand), Sugababes (round round), DJ Sammi (heaven), Junior Senior (everybody) and Oliver Cheatham ft Room 5 (make luv).

Dance:UK includes a range of play modes. The main game challenges the player to progress though a sequence of dance competitions before attempting to win the top prize in a professional grand final. The action takes place in 3D dance-studio environments. Roaming cameras capture the excitement and atmosphere while motion-captured characters groove to the music and special effects heighten the experience even further!

The game incorporates three difficulty levels. Beginners can learn to dance with slower tracks and only the traditional four-way dance steps. As confidence and skill levels rise so do the music tracks BPM rate and eight-way dancing is introduced! The dance routines have been professionally choreographed by graduates from the Royal Academy of Dance and have been designed to exploit the new eight-way dance system to give a more fluid dance feel. Players will take their queue from a revolutionary dance step indicator that projects the dance steps out of the screen from a central point. This new system allows the player's eyes to focus on a single point rather than relying on peripheral vision.

Competitive head-to-head modes allow players to compete against each other. Two players can battle against each other in a dance-off. Extra points are awarded for accuracy and score multipliers applied for performing certain combinations. Dance:UK includes an innovative handicap system that allows players with two left feet to compete against seasoned groovers. For the ultimate party experience Dance:UK can be set to a consecutive multiplayer mode in which up to eight players can dance using one or two mats. The players compete as a team and are invited to step up to the dance-mat in an effort to amass a huge points and style score.

As well as the competitive modes, Dance:UK also includes an aerobics mode that allows players to see how much energy they're burning and a Juke Box mode in which any difficulty level and any track can be chosen and practiced.

Dance:UK will be released in October 2003 for both the PlayStation PSone (RRP 19.99) and PlayStation 2 (RRP 29.99) formats.