Sarge's Heroes 2

Army Men: Sarge's Heroes 2 is coming to the PSX and PlayStation 2.

Posted by Staff
3DO Europe is delighted to announce that the sequel to Army Men: Sarge's Heroes, Sarge's Heroes 2, is to be released on PlayStation and PlayStation 2.

The boys are back and ready to do battle! Sarge and the Bravo Company Commandos managed to foil the Tan Army's first assault, but do they have what it takes this time? General Plastro has teamed up with Brigitte Bleu, a diabolically
treacherous Blue Spy, to destroy the Green Nation once and for all. The
adventure continues as Sarge and Vikki fight their way over pool tables, under beds, and across desktops to the final showdown against Plastro and his troops. Prepare for another gigantic war! It's real combat. Plastic men.

Both versions see the action continuing with an all-new storyline, with the characters driving the gameplay.

One of the most significant differences with the PlayStation 2 version is that you can now control Vikki in the missions instead of just controlling Sarge, adding a whole new dynamic to the gameplay.

The PlayStation 2 version has high-resolution graphics that really show off the great new effects and environments. These fantastic graphics mean that the new
weapons all have spectacular visual effects. The new weapons include: assault rifle, bazooka, flamethrower, shotgun, M-60 machine gun, sniper rifle, grenades,
grenade launcher, mortar, minesweeper, mines and TNT. You can now also call in air strikes to pummel the tan army in the heat of battle.

There are also new levels in the PlayStation 2 version, including the toy store, the bedroom, the graveyard and the inside of a pinball machine. There are 18 missions taking place across these (and more) levels. There is a variety of
objectives, including search and destroy and rescue and defend missions.

The PlayStation version also features these new mission objectives, plus there are puzzle-based missions.

The PlayStation version features these new weapons, plus others, such as the swarmer rocket launcher, which sends a cluster of missiles that spread out after firing and then hone in on the target. The new pierce missiles work in much the same way, but can pierce through multiple enemies. Whips and pops are another new weapon for Sarge. These weapons particularly showcase the enhanced special effects that players will want to see time and again. Additionally, Vikki's primary weapon is now a crossbow.

The PlayStation version will be released in time for Christmas 2000, and the PlayStation 2 version will be released next year.