New video game to hit PSone console, based on popular toy and successful TV show Beyblade

Atari and Corus Entertainment's Nelvana are proud to announce the release of Beyblades for the Sony PSone console system.

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New video game to hit PSone console, based on popular toy and successful TV show Beyblade
The game of fast-spinning 'high performance battling' tops and the hit television series has now been brought to the PSone for release on August 22nd 2003.

In the game, competitors battle in an extraordinary arena with their Beyblades, using their exceptional powers to destroy opposing blades and make themselves virtually unbeatable. Players attempt to battle through a tournament in order to win the legendary Beyblade championship and can upgrade their Beyblader as well as the Beyblade itself as they earn Bey Points and experience along the way.

Players start by pulling the ripcord and attempting to control the top by making it spin into the massive battle bowl. By changing direction and invoking a special attack from the Bit Beast they can try to beat their opposition with the skills they have acquired. There are three different ways to defeat an opponent: knocking them out of the stadium, beating them into submission so they are no longer able to continue, or playing a game of cat and mouse with them until they can no longer spin, thus ending the match. Beyblade also gives you two complete ways to play the game where you can either enter a tournament or take part in a free battle.

Game features:

  • Character designs based on animated style of the television show.

  • A very intuitive control scheme that allows users to quickly master the combat system.

  • A fun tournament mode that quickly builds atmosphere and interest level.

  • The ability to battle a wide variety of AI controlled opponents as you progress through the game.

  • Cool sound effects, which are true to the Beyblade TV show.

  • Versus mode that allows you to play with a friend.

  • Ten different summoning skills to be mastered.

  • Over ten different characters to choose from.

  • Fully customisable blades, where the player has the ability to affect each of the six components that make up the blade.

  • All of the action that takes place inside the stadium is provided with commentary.

Licensed by d-rights to Nelvana, Beyblade is an enormously popular animated television show. It is the 2nd highest-ranking kids program on cable with Males 6-11 and Males 9-14. It is also a hugely successful toy based on customisable, high performance tops that compete. An extreme sports experience where every fan can become an active competitor, Beyblade requires strategy to build and customise battle equipment in pursuit of becoming the World Beyblade Champion.

Beyblades will release for PSone and hit stores in August 22nd 2003