Check and Chessmate

Mindscape announces powerful and portable chess program, approved by Garry Kasparov.

Posted by Staff
Check and Chessmate
Mindscape has teamed up with the world's best known chess master Garry Kasparov, to produce Kasparov Chessmate, a PC-based chess program that you can play anywhere, anytime. With Kasparov Chessmate, you can transfer matches in progress to Palm and Pocket PCs with all settings intact.

Designed to be accessible for the chess novice as well as powerful enough for advanced player, Kasparov Chessmate uses the chess engine Ruffian, which, with an estimated rating of 2600, is one of the most powerful engines that can still offer a realistic challenge to players of all levels. Play against one of 45 computer opponents, with each player designed to reflect a human learning curve. You can also play in multiplayer mode against other human players, or online at, MSN's exclusive games channel and home of one of the largest online chess communities.

Track your progress in Kasparov Chessmate in storyline mode, in which you play as a member of the Kasparov Chess Club, testing your skills against other club members to win three different club championships, until you earn the right to play against Garry Kasparov himself.

"With Kasparov Chessmate, the entire chess community benefits from advanced technology that gives both seasoned and novice players the opportunity to challenge each other in a true-to-life chess adventure," says Garry Kasparov. "It's a very exciting development for the game and for players."

Help is never far away in Kasparov Chessmate, with in-game information about past and available moves readily available and a separate analysis board. This enables players to plan their play without disturbing the main board. Features expected by experienced players, such as custom time controls, and international ratings for games and opponents are also included.


  • Supports PC, Pocket PC and Palm devices ? games can be transferred between platforms

  • Uses Ruffian, one of the strongest chess engines available

  • 45 computer opponents designed to reflect the normal learning curve of human chess players

  • Offers in-game hints and advice to recognise good play and warn against mistakes

  • Rated games use the Fédération Internationale des Échecs (FIDE) rating system

  • Career mode ? create and manage profiles to track your progress

  • Storyline Mode ? join the in-game Kasparov Chess Club, play against all club members, and earn the right to challenge Garry Kasparov himself

  • Online play at MSN's the strongest online multi-player support for a commercial chess game

  • Easy to learn tutorials help you to start playing and winning your first chess games quickly

  • Classic 3-D / 2-D chess sets that are easy to read and understand

  • Analysis board to help players visualise their next moves

Kasparov Chessmate will be published by Mindscape for PC CD-ROM on June 27, 2003, priced at £19.99.