Videogame, set and match

Mindscape announces Agassi: Tennis Generation on PS2 and GBA for July.

Posted by Staff
Videogame, set and match
Mindscape today delivered a double volley with the announcement of Agassi: Tennis Generation for PS2 and Game Boy Advance, due to be released in July for only 19.99, around the time of the Wimbledon 2003 Tennis Championships.

Serve Agassi.

Andre Agassi is one of the most spectacular tennis players in recent times, having won all of the tournaments in the Grand Slam as well as 49 titles in single competitions. Now, a new generation of players can play as, or compete against Agassi in the only official licensed Agassi game for the PS2 and Game Boy Advance.

Fifteen Love.

Agassi: Tennis Generation for PS2 features motion-captured pro players across a total of 16 tournaments, allowing players to smash, volley and lob on courts across the globe. Also, a range of three difficulty settings offers a level of playability to suit all. So whether players know their chip shots from their chop shots or are absolute beginners, Agassi: Tennis Generation has a pick up 'n playability that will have them hooked in no time.

With multiplayer compatibility for up to four players, mixed doubles action and four games modes, including Agassi's special, quick match, arcade and tournament, Agassi: Tennis Generation has all the ingredients to become a championship winner on the PS2 circuit.

Thirty Love.

For those wanting their handheld, Agassi: Tennis Generation will also be available for the Game Boy Advance, featuring Quick Match, Arcade and Championship modes. The Game Boy Advance version will allow gamers to square off by playing singles or doubles, solo or with a friend, via the GBA link cable on courts in the UK, US, France, Germany, Italy and Australia

Forty Love.

With a whole host of smashing features, Agassi: Tennis Generation is set to become the undisputed champion of the tennis gaming circuit.

Game, Set and Match Agassi: Tennis Generation.

Dig out the Terry Towelling headbands because Agassi: Tennis Generation will be published by Mindscape for PS2 and Game Boy Advance, both priced 19.99, in July 2003.