CITY interactive - the new developer and publisher of entertainment software

Developers merge to form new publishing outfit.

Posted by Staff
We are pleased to announces the formation of CITY interactive, the new developer and publisher of entertainment software created by the merger of Lemon Interactive with the development studios We Open Eyes and Tatanka.

The talented individuals behind CITY interactive have been responsible for Project Earth and many other titles that have been well-received around the world. The new company's strategy is to produce high quality entertainment software for personal computers as well as video consoles using high-end technology and keeping tight development budgets.

Chief Executive Officer Mark Tyminski, formerly President of Lemon Interactive says: "We have brought together a team of very talented individuals who have excellent track records. We strongly believe that by hard work and motivation we will produce high quality products and meet demanding deadlines. Today we are a team of 20 people but by taking on more developers, sales, finance and marketing staff we aim to increase this to 40 by the end of 2003."

The first titles to be released by CITY interactive are demolition racing game Smash Up Derby and first person action-adventure Nina: Agent Chronicles. Both products are at Gold Master stage and are scheduled to be released in Q1 in number of territories. The company has already secured a number of publishing deals including the North American market and further ones are under negotiations.

City believes that every territory is important and is now seeking publishers and distributors in all countries worldwide. A release schedule for 2003 will be soon announced.