Adds Yet Another Award-winning Title To Its List of Featured Free Games is proud to announce the worldwide launch of Hidden and Dangerous available to download for FREE as of today, July 10, 2000.

Posted by Staff adds yet another award-winning title to its list of featured free games Hidden & Dangerous available to download for the first time., the world's first free premium games download website, is proud to announce the worldwide launch of Take 2 Interactive's award-winning action/strategy game Hidden and Dangerous available to download for FREE for the very first time, as of today, July 10, 2000.

To celebrate the Internet launch, will be giving away 5 FREE MP3 PLAYERS in their Hidden and Dangerous competition. Starting on 10 July, the competition will offer an MP3 player a day to one lucky 'freeloader' who visits the site and enters that day's correct password that is 'hidden' on the one of the "lowdown" magazine pages.

UK Marketing Manager for, Jon Bailey, said: "Hidden & Dangerous is undoubtedly one of the best action/strategy games ever created, and definitely fits into our strategy to bring high calibre games to the masses. The results speak for themselves:'s registered users base of 120,000 is growing daily."

Hidden and Dangerous, Talonsoft's legendary action/real-time strategy game, is still in the Top 30 selling games in the UK and reached number 2 in the games charts in August 1999.

Hidden & Dangerous is set during World War II. The story begins in 1941 and, provided that the correct course of action is chosen, players will get to the end of the war in 1945.

Hidden & Dangerous mixes a staggering combination of non-traditional features, elements of real time strategy, action games and tactical strategies. Plentiful features and stunning true 3D graphics give the game original form and dynamic pace. The story is imaginative, full of reversals and always forces the player to always think ahead.

The players' task is to lead a small group of Allied soldiers who carry out difficult missions deep into enemy territory. Missions take place in six different localities.

The Artificial Intelligence in Hidden & Dangerous is extremely realistic. Each character has its own characteristics and logic, can act differently in stressful situations and full of human qualities: vengeance, fear, and malice.... Chance also plays a certain role, ensuring that the same situation is never repeated.

"Hidden & Dangerous is one of the best games ever created, and playing it is an experience I shall always treasure." 5 out of 5 - Adrenaline Vault

"A title that rolls back gaming frontiers with its astute sense of realism, style, ambience and mastery of psychological suspense" 9 out of 10 - Edge

FEATURES: - Unique, yet simple programming of synchronised actions - Realistic audio-environment - Realistic injuries and a vast array of animation during a 'hit' - Motion Captured 3D characters - Absolutely realistic graphics - Free use of all kinds of vehicles - 23 beautifully rendered and completely different missions - Choice of 40 characters - Fluent transition between animations, counted in real-time - A game set into WWII times, but with modern trimmings - Mind-blowing background animations and atmospheric effects.

At, upon registering their details, users can download their favourite games level by level for free.

The site is the world's first free downloadable games website and the biggest success story in online entertainment - just six weeks after its launch the site has more than 120,000 registered users and the games have already been downloaded in 38 countries including China and Israel!

As well as Hidden & Dangerous, also has many of the most successful back-catalogue games of all time, including Grand Theft Auto and Thrust Twist and Turn, available for free download.

In addition, 'freeloaders' are also able to access brand new titles developed exclusively for such as Krazy Bus - new games are announced regularly.

The site also features puzzles, as well as news, reviews, hints and tips from the world of videogaming and the internet in their 'lowdown' section.

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