Rage Ready For Playstation 2 Assault

Rage Software announces that it has entered into a contract with publisher Imagineer to develop one of the first titles to appear on the PlayStation 2

Posted by Staff
Rage Software, the computer games publisher and developer, announced today that it had entered into a contract, with its Japanese publisher Imagineer, to develop a title - using one of Rage's latest game engines ? which will be one of the first titles to appear on Sony Computer Entertainment?s revolutionary and highly anticipated new console, PlayStation 2.

Commenting on the deal, Rage's Managing Director Paul Finnegan said "It is good to renew our relationship with Imagineer as they have performed well with our previous titles."

Finnegan continued "It is also extremely significant that Rage will have agame available in the first three months of the PlayStation 2 release, proving once again we are at the forefront of games technology.

Yan Qiu, Imagineer's Director, VP of International Operations, added "Imagineer have always been very active outside the domestic Japanese market, we delivered some of the first N64 titles into Europe and our previous deal with Rage was the first third-party Dreamcast license in the world.

Qiu offered "Imagineer have an unbeatable record in choosing overseas partners, Rage have an unbeatable track record in showcasing leading-edge technical skills. We are certain that Rage, with Imagineer's help, can create a game truly worthy of the PlayStation 2 technology."

By bringing some of the leading European developers into the Japanese way of working, the Rage and Imagineer alliance will provide something very unique in this industry. With worldwide distribution on a product that is
designed to appeal to all territories, on a machine which if as successful as Playstation 1 analysts estimate is likely to dominate global console sales, it appears all the bases have been covered.