Virgin On The Incredible

Virgin Interactive Announces Exclusive Distribution Agreement of Titus Software's Incredible Crisis for PlayStation.

Posted by Staff
Worthy of any PlayStation body popper, Incredible Crisis slams the needle on the record and mixes the heady tunes of Parappa the Rapper and Bust a Groove to produce a high-energy beat of tub-thumping shenanigans, due to be thrown to the dance floor by Titus Software in September 2000.

Developed by Tokyo-based team Polygon Magic and with a musical score from the Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, Incredible Crisis is a quirky mix of dance-em-up and twitch-em-up - an animated puzzle game for the Sony Playstation. Centring on Taneo, a run of the mill, middle manager-type and his bizarre, dysfunctional Japanese family, the game starts with our unsuspecting hero embarking on the worst day of his life.

Starting with the announcement of his mother's birthday, Taneo sets off on an adventure of near calamity that sees the poor chap's stress-meter reach nuclear meltdown. From elevator free-fall to fleeing from a loose wrecking ball, the
player must help Taneo avoid a variety of grizzly ends by completing quirky puzzles. Even in an ambulance wrong moves and answers on the part of the player
may result in defibrillation, CPR, needles and, of course, a great deal of pain.

Once Taneo's adventures are over, the day really begins for his wife Etsuko, his daughter Ririka and his son Tsuyoshi, who also have to fight their way homeward to reach their grandmother's birthday party in time.

Incredible Crisis defies conventional Western game genres. If anything, it's genre can only be described as 'unknown'. Featuring 25 different game types and riddled with hilarious and addictive action, Incredible Crisis is guaranteed to keep the most ardent of gaming fans hooked.

Incredible Crisis is due to be published for PlayStation by Titus Software in September 2000 at an incredible price of UKP19.99.