UK students fail US

CDV Software Entertainment Conducts US History Survey on UK Student Population.

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UK students fail US
CDV Software Entertainment today announced the results of a survey of the UK student population's knowledge of US history, following the release of American Conquest, a historically accurate, real-time strategy computer game for the PC.

The results of the survey, organised in conjunction with web resource Student (, highlighted a dire lack of knowledge of US history amongst UK university students. The average respondent scored a meagre 39 per cent, the equivalent of an exam fail.

The results revealed that 57 per cent of respondents didn't know who America was named after and 65 per cent didn't know which treaty signalled the end of the War of Independence. More worryingly, twelve per cent thought that Benjamin Franklin had invented a cardboard fireguard and four per cent thought that George Washington was the President of a zoo, before becoming President of the United States. One respondent even thought that Pennsylvania was named after Hollywood heartthrob Sean Penn.

'We're confident that these students would score much higher after playing American Conquest,' commented Leo Zullo, Marketing Manager, CDV Software Entertainment. 'American Conquest is fun to play but also informative and there's an obvious gap in knowledge of this hugely important period in history within the UK's university students.'

American Conquest spans the moment Columbus set foot on America to the American War of Independence and players must shape the future of the continent through over 50 missions spread across eight campaigns.

Twelve separate forces laid a claim on the continent, and each is fully playable in American Conquest. Spain, England, France, Aztecs, Incas, Mayas, Sioux, Delaware, Huron, Iroquois League, Pueblos and 'modern' USA all feature prominently ? and each army offers a different challenge and strategy.

American Conquest was published for PC CD-ROM by CDV Software Entertainment on 14th February, priced 34.99.