Grand Prix 3

Hasbro Interactive confirms Grand Prix 3 release date and announce extra feature.

Posted by Staff
Hasbro Interactive is pleased to announce a firm release date for GP3. With everyone eagerly awaiting the title it has been confirmed that July 28 2000 will be the day when Formula One and racing game fans will be rushing out to the shops to get their hands on a copy.

To add to the already extensive list of features that GP3 boasts, including spectacular wet weather effects and collision damage, Geoff Crammond is now able to include force feedback in the game. The developer said of this latest addition:
"The force feedback in GP3 is directly linked to the physics engine and simulates the forces that would be felt on a real steering wheel under racing conditions."

In the past few months MicroProse development along with Geoff Crammond have been working closely with third parties, including Formula One teams and drivers, and implementing their comments into the game. The drivers were all amazed at the realism in the tracks and also in the handling of the cars.

As widely predicted, GP3 looks set to continue the Crammond tradition of setting the benchmark for racing games for years to come.