Atari ships Battle Engine Aquila for Xbox and PlayStation 2

Official PlayStation 2 Magazine recommends as ?Must Buy?; Official Xbox Magazine gives shooter 8.3 out of 10 rating.

Posted by Staff
Atari shipped the eagerly-anticipated Battle Engine Aquila to retail stores nationwide this week for the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system and the Xbox video game system from Microsoft. Developed by Lost Toys and published by Atari, Battle Engine Aquila is a fierce and frenetic shooter that puts players at the helm of the most advanced war machine ever created ? the Battle Engine Aquila. Tasked with protecting a world from hostile rebel forces, players will utilise an impressive and visually stunning arsenal of pulse cannons, micro missiles, spread bombs and much more, each critical to prevailing in the game?s continuously evolving war zone.

?Battle Engine Aquila represents an incredibly fresh and modern approach to the classic shooters of the past -- overwhelming odds, incredible weapons, and, of course, gigantic mega-bosses. The comparison really stops there, however, as Battle Engine Aquila breaks new ground on nearly every game play front,? said Jean-Philippe Agati, senior vice president and general manager of Infogrames? Los Angeles studio. ?Epic battles featuring hundreds of land, air and sea units on screen at any given moment, a first person perspective, open-ended primary and secondary mission objectives, selectable wingmen, modifiable weapon load outs and resupply ships are just a few of the many game play features that are sure to make Battle Engine Aquila a necessary addition to any gamer?s library.?

The battle begins on the planet Allium where climactic changes have caused sea levels to rise creating a significant reduction in habitable land. As a result, tensions have escalated to the breaking point between the two major planetary factions, the Forseti and Muspell. As Hawk Winter, players are thrust into the rapidly escalating conflict as the pilot of the Battle Engine Aquila ? the most powerful weapon in the war. Modified to player specifications, and operated from a first person perspective, the Battle Engine Aquila is capable of unleashing its considerable might in a variety of ways. By ground, in Walker Mode, players will take advantage of the Battle Engine?s most powerful weaponry, including the Pulse Cannon, Rail Gun and Flux Missile. By air, in Jet Mode, players can more effectively dispatch enemy fighters and landing craft, using Micro Missiles and the Vulcan Cannon, or move quickly to critical points in the conflict to lend a helping hand.

Featuring modifiable weapon load outs, selectable wingmen and a host of allied troop, tank, air and sea craft support, Battle Engine Aquila presents players with a near endless variety of options with which to overcome opposing forces. However, the Battle Engine cannot accomplish the game?s increasingly difficult missions alone and thus must both seek and provide support to its allied forces. Mission objectives vary significantly from surgical search and destroy strikes to minimalizing allied troop losses to escorting bomber and aircraft carrier convoys. Players who successfully complete primary and secondary objectives are graded on their performance and have an opportunity to unlock ?EVO? versions of every mission in the game. ?EVO? missions are significantly harder and present new challenges, such as enemy forces with more entrenched positions, greater numbers of enemy forces as well as night and daytime variations. In all, Battle Engine Aquila features more than 40 missions in a branching storyline with multiple endings.

In addition to the single-player campaign, Battle Engine Aquila features several additional modes of play, including Co-Op Mode allowing two players to team up and battle through several missions together; Skirmish Mode, which pits two players and their entire armies against each other in a fight to the finish; and, Versus Mode, a one-on-one fight between two Battle Engines in deadly arenas.

Battle Engine Aquila is now available for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox at retail stores nationwide with an estimated retail price of $49.95 and an ESRB rating of ?T? for Teen. Additional information about Battle Engine Aquila can be found online at, which features downloadable and streaming game play movies, screenshots, character bios, weapon and vehicle statistics and much more.