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400 highly intelligent non-player characters feature in Gothic II.

Posted by Staff
JoWooD Productions is proud to announce Gothic II, the breathtaking role-playing action adventure game, will feature 400 Non-Player Characters when it has its UK release in Q1 2003 on PC.

Players will need to keep their wits about them at all times to survive in this deadly world. As the player progresses through his epic journey, he will encounter hundreds of highly intelligent NPCs who will either help or hinder him depending upon both their disposition and their past interactions with the player.

Such is the intelligence of the NPCs within Gothic II that as in real life, they will remember their previous experiences with the player. If, for example, the player steals money from them, the next time the two meet, the NPC will confront the player demanding reparation. In addition, NPCs can even tell their friends who will seek retribution on their behalf.

To add to Gothic II's realism, every NPC has occupations and a social-life outside of their time interacting with the player. Thus, a blacksmith will work in his shop from 9am until 6pm, then may enjoy a refreshing ale at the local tavern and go home to bed, all of which will happen regardless of where the player is.

As players develop through one of three character classes, as a Mercenary, Magician or Paladin, the players will need to be aware of the social issues surrounding each choice, i.e. should the player become a mercenary, then they will be met with animosity whenever they encounter paladins, and vice versa. However, when playing as a magician, the player will need to keep both sides happy and play politically for maximal gain.

Commenting on the game, Rebecca Lindon, PR Manager of JoWooD Productions UK said: "Gothic II features an incredible 400 NPC's who go about their lives working, sleeping, eating and get drunk together whilst occasionally meeting you as you undertake quests. You are presented with a living, breathing community the likes of which have rarely been seen in a video game before and then have the challenge of successfully achieving your goals within this incredible setting ? without upsetting the society."

Gothic II will be released in the UK in Q1 2003 on PC CD Rom with an ELSPA rating of 15+.