IGI 2 Gears up for another Bout of Online Madness

Jolt Online Gaming Ltd (Jolt), provides dedicated, high performance, multiplayer game servers for Codemasters.

Posted by Staff
United Kingdom, Aylesbury, 13th January 2003 - In time for the release of the eagerly awaited IGI2: Covert Strike public multiplayer beta test Jolt provided a swathe of high performance servers ready for IGI2 operatives to enjoy the stealth and tactical approach of the single-player game in a hectic multiplayer environment.

The success of the multiplayer demo and Jolt's resilient network and servers is demonstrated by the fact that all 10 Official servers (powered by Jolt) have been full 24/7 since the release of the demo at 14:00 GMT on January 10.

Jolt will provide servers for both the multiplayer beta test and the full game which is published on February 14 2003 for PC CD-ROM.