New Nice stuff

Major upgrades in latest Time of Defiance - plus a new website too.

Posted by Staff
New Nice stuff
Nicely Crafted Entertainment (NiCE) has released the latest version of Time of Defiance, its highly-rated massively multiplayer real-time strategy game. This major revision adds a host of new features, taking the game to even greater heights - and is available for download now, from the new Time of Defiance Website (

The most immediate improvement within the game is the new 'drag-box' selection, which enables players to more easily group units within their empire. In addition, a new keyboard commands allow "all of type" selection, which makes maneuvering a vast army much simpler; players can now concentrate on the strategy.

A new 'Player Conference' facility allows allies to host chat rooms for up to six people, allowing commanders to secretly discuss and plan their tactics for world domination. However, there's no limit to the number of separate conferences players can participate in; the amount of dealing and double-dealing possible has increased exponentially with this version.

The visuals have been polished up, too, and a new on-screen mining indicator has been introduced, allowing players to see at a glance the progress of their mineral gathering.

Third-party programs are now integrated more closely. The ToD community has been hard at work developing its own set of tools and utilities, and these are now being supported by Nicely Crafted through their external interface.

In-game, players will now occasionally come across the all-new Nespan Scout an unusual vehicle carrying the rare cloaking device. Plus, an automatic refueler can now be built, allowing players to keep their trading routes supplied.

Other minor improvements are numerous. From the inclusion of new work-friendly window modes, to additional but slight tactical changes, Time of Defiance now runs and plays smoother than ever.

The new client is available now from the new Nicely Crafted Website. This site has been completely overhauled and now offers greater community interaction, improved 'newbie' support, and a snazzy new colour scheme.

Of course, the client remains a fraction of the size of some full-game patches, coming in at just under 10Mb. This is one massively multiplayer game you do not need broadband for.

"This new client is by far the greatest step Time of Defiance has taken," says Toby Simpson, managing director, Nicely Crafted Entertainment. "These new features ensure that the game behaves exactly as you'd expect it to, first time. The new empire management and camera controls make it easier than ever before to navigate around your growing empire. Together with the incorporation of valuable feedback from our players, this release of Time of Defiance is the best yet by a long shot."

The new version of Time of Defiance is available now and includes a free five-day demo. Monthly subscription charges apply thereafter.