Octagon to secure worldwide publishing for Asobo Studio’s debut title

It’s a Wild Goose Chase on the SuperFarm.

Posted by Staff
Octagon Entertainment, Inc. has come together with Asobo Studio S.A.R.L. to find worldwide publishing for SuperFarm, a working title for the Playstation 2, GameCube and Xbox. SuperFarm is a single and multi-player action/combat party game packed with hysterical antics and is scheduled for launch in late 2003.

Wacky farm animals dying of boredom spring back to life one day when a farmer brings a prize turkey named Pamela home from the market. The loony rascals will do anything to win Pamela’s heart, and the stunts spin out of control once they realize that they will have to save Pamela from being sent to the meat factory. The heat is on and the hooligans will use anything from shovels to cow dung to trip up the other suitors.

SuperFarm features 10 zany characters and 20 original locations. Four different types of challenges including Keep It, Collect, Frag and Baja are available, plus three game modes and bonus competitions keep the action rolling.

“I am very impressed with Asobo Studio and feel confident that we will put their game in the hands of a strong publisher in a timely manner,” said Octagon agent Jerod Kirby.

"It is a real pleasure to work with Octagon Entertainment,” said Sebastian Wloch, managing director of Asobo Studio. “From the beginning, they have always been very professional and efficient. Thanks to Octagon we could find the right opportunities for our game."

Asobo Studio S.A.R.L. develops games for the Playstation 2, GameCube and Xbox. The most experienced team members of Kalisto Entertainment founded Asobo Studio in the spring of 2002. Asobo Studio's members have been key developers of best-selling titles such as Dark Earth, Ultimate Race, Nightmare Creatures and The 5th Element.