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Battle Engine Aquila movies, screenshots, game info and more now available online to consumers.

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Battle Engine Aquila, developed by Lost Toys and published by Atari, is a fierce and frenetic shooter that puts players at the helm of the most advanced war machine ever created ? the Battle Engine Aquila. The Battle Engine features an impressive and visually stunning arsenal of pulse cannons, micro missiles, spread bombs and much more, each critical to prevailing in the game?s continuously evolving warzone.

With modifiable weapon load outs, selectable wingmen and a host of allied troop, tank, air and sea craft support, the Battle Engine presents players with a near endless variety of options with which to overcome opposing forces. While certainly the most powerful weapon in existence, the Battle Engine cannot win the epic war alone and therefore the player must carefully choose where to engage in battle to support the allied forces.

Releasing in January 2003 on the PlayStation 2 and Xbox entertainment systems, Battle Engine Aquila is now supported with a robust website at, which features the game trailer, downloadable and streaming game play movies, screenshots, character bios, weapon and vehicle stats and much more.

Available features include:

  • Game Play Movies ? Six multi-format, streaming and downloadable game play movies are available, which highlight some of the many aspects of Battle Engine Aquila from tank strafing runs to air-to-air combat to Walker Mode ground battles.

  • Screenshots ? Thirty-two stunning screenshots of both the PlayStation 2 and Xbox versions.

  • Character, Unit and Weapon Info ? Detailed bios on characters found in the game, specs relating to the various troops, tanks, aircraft and fixed weapon emplacements as well as specifics associated with the Battle Engine?s own weapon systems.

  • Fan Community -- Visitors can join the Battle Engine Aquila fan community and engage in message board discussions about the game and ask the developer questions.

  • Newsletter and Pre-Orders ? Fans can also sign up for a free newsletter providing the latest information, giveaways, sweepstakes and special Battle Engine Aquila discounts and pre-orders.