Wild Arms 3 soon to hit the shelves

Ubi Soft in partnership with Sony Computer Entertainment announces eagerly awaited RPG.

Posted by Staff
Ubi Soft Entertainment, one of the world's largest video games publishers today announced the release of Wild Arms 3. This new game for PlayStation 2 developed by Sony Computer Entertainment covers all PAL territories and is expected to ship in January 2003.

"Wild Arms 3 comes from a highly respected series and we are looking forward to bringing this eagerly awaited sequel to Europe," said Laurence Buisson-Nollent, EMEA Marketing Director at Ubi Soft Entertainment.

The first Wild Arms game was released in January 1999 and was a great success worldwide, it sold over 130,000 copies in Europe alone. Its mix of adventure and role-playing has won it a loyal following among RPG fans.

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