AquaNox 2 delayed

JoWooD Productions has announced today that the worldwide release for AquaNox 2: Revelation will be in Q1 2003.

Posted by Staff
Andreas Tobler, CEO of JoWooD Productions AG commented: "Massive Development are well on their way to completing the truly stunning AquaNox 2: Revelation and we wanted to be 100% sure that it will blow fans away when it is released next year. The extra time will ensure that we release a game that is highly polished and as close to perfection as possible."

Set in the year 2666, the plot for AquaNox 2: Revelation runs concurrently to the events in AquaNox. Years of neglect has resulted in the Earths surface being no longer fit for human habitation. To continue existence, humans have descended into the depths of the oceans. This underwater world now provides the stunning backdrop for deadly power-struggles and heroic adventurers.

More information on AquaNox 2: Revelation will be announced shortly.