The world's most popular boardgame is set to become even better with new Ubi Soft releases of Scrabble

Two new editions of Scrabble will introduce full online functionality and bring the great game to younger audiences.

Posted by Staff
The world's most popular boardgame is set to become even better with new Ubi Soft releases of Scrabble
Ubi Soft Entertainment, one of the world's largest video game publishers today announced that it will be extending it's range of interative Scrabble boardgame products with the release this winter of Scrabble 2003 Edition for PC CD-ROM and PlayStation 2 and, and Scrabble Junior for PC CD-ROM.

PC versions of both games will be released in November 2002, with the PlayStation 2 version of Scrabble 2003 Edition following in December.

Developed by UK studio Runecraft, both games form part of the exclusive licensing agreement between Ubi Soft and Mattel Inc. for the development and publication of new interactive games for the world famous Scrabble boardgame . Scrabble 2003 Edition will include a number of brand new features as well as improvements on previous versions, whilst Scrabble Junior has been developed specifically to appeal to the younger family members, and includes a more simplified board for ease of play, extra game bonus's and fun mini-games.

"Over seventy years on, Scrabble is still one of the most popular, enjoyable and widely recognised family boardgames in the world. We have listened to the views of many Scrabble fans in developing Scrabble 2003 Edition, and with Scrabble Junior we will bring to families, a great interactive game that parents can share with their children." Said Emma Fifield, Product Manager, Ubi Soft UK.

Scrabble 2003 Edition will be the most updated and accurate Scrabble game available to date. The latest word lists available have been implemented and the computer AI will now pose an even greater challenge to the most experienced of Scrabble player's. Ubi Soft are also creating a range of interactive websites dedicated to new and existing Scrabble players who will welcome the new addition of full multiplayer modes allowing up to 4 players to compete online or via LAN.

Scrabble Junior will be the first-ever interactive version of Scrabble created specifically for younger players of Scrabble. Parents will benefit from the knowledge that they can purchase a game they know and enjoy themselves, as well as one that is both non-violent and has strong educational merits. For children, Scrabble Junior will open a whole new avenue in fun word play, and the inclusion of extra bonuses and mini-games such as hangman that will make playing Scrabble more fun than ever.

Whether you are a champion of Scrabble, an occasional player or a parent wanting to share a great game with their family, Scrabble 2003 Edition and Scrabble Junior will allow you to play the most popular boardgame ever against someone sitting right next to you or someone a thousand miles away!