CDV releases Cossacks free

Major campaign update available for download, as full expansion pack hits retail.

Posted by Staff
To celebrate this Friday's UK launch of Cossacks: Back to War, CDV Software Entertainment has a free gift for all Cossacks players a brand new campaign entitled 'Enemy of the Crown'.

The campaign which has previously only been accessible as part of individual media promotions is now available to all Cossacks fans free of charge from the download page of Cossacks: Back to War Website (

'Enemy of the Crown' has been designed to be different from any campaign to date and is based on true historical events that took place between 1740-1764 in the corrupt Tsar-ruled Russia. The campaign is different from the mass of Euro/Arabic Campaigns that came with the Cossacks titles particularly with a view to graphical scenery, using Winter-snow and Spring-mud based maps. Enemy of the Crown eases the player in with small maps and individual unit based combat, gradually working up to small bands then onto a full formation based assault of the fortress ending with a number of huge battlefield clashes, the campaign ends in the liberation of Russia and the appointment of a rightful Tsar with the destruction of Elizabeth.

"Cossacks: Enemy of the Crown is a brilliant addition to the Cossacks family," says Leo Zullo, marketing manager, CDV Software Entertainment UK. "Although obviously not a full expansion pack in the sense that Back to War is, it's an accomplished campaign which easily reminds Cossacks players why they fell in love with the game in the first place. And then they can check out Back to War, which is bigger and better in every respect."

Cossacks: Enemy of the Crown is available to download now, and requires Cossacks: The Art of War to run.

Cossacks: Back to War will be released on Friday, 18th October, priced 19.99. It is a standalone expansion pack requiring no additional software to run but it will also work with previous versions of Cossacks.