Infogrames ships Big Air Freestyle for Nintendo Gamecube

Massive air, outrageous tricks, spectacular graphics headline ultimate motocross game, playable demo of Destroy All Monsters Melee included on disc.

Posted by Staff
Infogrames ships Big Air Freestyle for Nintendo Gamecube
Infogrames, Inc., a leading global publisher of interactive entertainment software, has shipped Big Air Freestyle, an extreme motocross game for the Nintendo GameCube, to store shelves this week.

Developed by Infogrames’ own Paradigm Entertainment, Big Air Freestyle promises players the most exhilarating motocross experience on Nintendo GameCube with the biggest air and the sickest freestyle tricks. The game features more than a dozen riders in all three classes (125cc, 250cc and 500 cc), racing across more than 20 gritty real-world and fantasy tracks.

“Big Air Freestyle raises the bar for motocross video games by pushing the boundaries of graphics and playability,” said Jean-Philippe Agati, senior vice president and head of Infogrames, Inc.’s Los Angeles studio. “This game puts you deep in the mud in all three motorbike sports – Motocross, Supercross and Freestyle. With a massive number of tracks and riders, coupled with incredible physics for superior handling and great control, Big Air Freestyle is so extreme, gamers will be cleaning the dirt off their TVs.”

Big Air Freestyle offers deep gameplay in three unique gameplay modes, encompassing the entire two-wheel offroad experience -- Freestyle, Motocross and Supercross. Players choose to race on large outdoor tracks or specially designed indoor arenas in Motocross and Supercross racing modes. Freestyle mode invites gamers to careen through the air pulling off death-defying stunts – including the traditional “Can Can” and the impossible “Cliffhanger” -- in indoor fantasy arenas loaded with high ramps and exploding obstacles. The in-your-face action takes place on more than 20 motocross and supercross tracks and six fantasy freestyle arenas.

Big Air Freestyle provides the most realistic racing experience with a vast selection of extreme bike models for each engine class (125cc, 250cc and 500cc), disturbingly dirty mud projections, straight-to-the-action controls, interactive Artificial Intelligence, fully animated riders, front and rear brakes and photo-realistic track features.

Each of Big Air Freestyle’s tracks are living, breathing environments with waving flags and animated track officials, spectators, cheerleaders and cameramen. The game features a thumping soundtrack that includes music from chart topping acts such as 311 and Sugarcult.

As an extra feature, a playable demo of the highly anticipated monster fighting game, Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee, is also included on the disk. In the demo, players can take control of one of the legendary Toho creatures and battle other gargantuan foes across fully 3D and interactive arenas of city-wide scale. Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee will ship to retail stores in October for Nintendo GameCube.