Driver on Game Boy Colour and Macintosh!

One of the best-selling driving games revs up its engine and explodes on Mac and Game Boy Colour.

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Los Angeles, CA, May 11, 2000 - One of the best-selling driving games revs up its engine and explodes on Macs as MacSoft, the number one publisher of games for Macs, introduces Driver. Originally developed by Reflections Interactive, an internal Infogrames, Inc. studio, whose last three titles have all broken the million unit mark in sales, Driver delivers the same adrenaline-pumping action of its counterparts as players go on a careening thrill-ride through the streets of four major U.S. cities.

"With sales of the iMac series exploding, there is no better game to offer the new and current Mac users than Driver," said Cindy Swanson, marketing manager for MacSoft. "With all the necessary elements of a million-plus selling game intact, we believe Driver will absolutely thrill the Mac gamer."

Millions of gamers worldwide have already experience the thrill of assuming the role of Tanner, an undercover cop posing as a driver-for-hire in order to infiltrate a powerful crime ring that spans four of the nation's largest cities -- New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Miami.

Through the use of extensive pre-production filming in each city, Driver boasts a level of realism through which players can clearly pick out landmarks such as the Empire State Building, Golden Gate Bridge and South Beach. In addition, each city has working traffic lights, wandering pedestrians, moving traffic and vigilant cops on patrol, all making getaways more difficult and menacing.

Driver Macsoft.

Capturing all the excitement of a high-speed Hollywood-style car chase, Driver comes fully equipped with a revolutionary Director's Mode that gives players all the necessary tools to "film" their own car chase. After completing each mission, Driver allows players to go back through a virtual recording of their slick getaway, reposition camera angles and placements, and even re-cut scenes using editing tools.

Every good "Wheelman" needs a getaway car and Driver comes loaded with a selection of 70's-style muscle cars that guzzle gas and burn rubber! Players experience realistic car handling, complete with damage modeling and accurate physics on all cars. Cars crash and deform, tires smoke and hubcaps fly off as players round corners during high-speed pursuits. Further enhancing the white-knuckle experience of Driver is the ability change views on the fly. Play from behind the dashboard where players can look out both side windows for an escape route, or check things out from a third person, behind-the-car perspective.

Developed by Abersoft, Driver for Mac is slated for release this month and carries a suggested retail price of $49.99. Additional information regarding MacSoft's entire lineup of exciting products can be found online at

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