Resident Evil Survivor on PlayStation from Capcom

The game offers story branching with multiple game scenarios, the ability to move independently in a 3D environment

Posted by Staff
E3, LOS ANGELES ? May 11, 2000? Capcom® today announced Resident Evil Survivor?, a first-person perspective survival horror game for the PlayStation® game console. An extension of the story from the acclaimed Resident Evil series, Resident Evil Survivor puts players in the role of a young man who lost his memory in a freak helicopter accident. The game offers story branching with multiple game scenarios, the ability to move independently in a 3D environment and reveals hidden secrets to the Resident Evil story. The Resident Evil Survivor story design is created by Capcom?s premier script writing division, Flagship and overseen by Shinji Mikami, Capcom?s executive producer and creator of the Resident Evil series. Resident Evil Survivor is scheduled to release this fall.

Resident Evil Survivor features the following special enhancements:
The first, 1st person shooting game where players move around at will, without being on a predestined track
Story branching provides added replay value
Original concept incorporating an action shooting game with a first-person adventure
Full 3-D sound technology enhances the 1st person adventure experience
Surprise elements and hidden secrets intertwined with the Resident Evil storyline

?Resident Evil Survivor is an entirely new take on the Resident Evil series,? says Todd Thorson, director of marketing, Capcom Entertainment. ?It drops the player directly into the world of Resident Evil in a first person environment where quick reflexes are a must to survive. Be prepared for intense action and utter fear.?

Resident Evil Survivor takes place as the events in Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 unfold. The Umbrella Corporation has destroyed Raccoon City, but unknown to the rest of the world, another city has been infested with the mysterious t-virus. The story begins as a man rushes to his helicopter trying to flee a nightmarish scene. As the helicopter begins to hover, another man leaps and grabs the landing gear. Unable to fly away, a fight ensues between the two men and the helicopter crashes to the ground. As the pilot climbs away from the helicopter, fuel is ignited which causes the helicopter to explode. The concussion from the explosion causes this mysterious pilot to be knocked unconscious. Awakening, the pilot has no idea how much time has passed and worse off, he has lost his memory. As he huddles of into the alleyway, he can only ask himself one question. Why am I here?