Hand to handheld combat

Nicely Crafted Entertainment to launch Time of Defiance PPC, the world’s first portable massively multiplayer game.

Posted by Staff
Hand to handheld combat
The massively multiplayer real-time PC strategy game Time of Defiance will celebrate the birth of a sibling this November, as Nicely Crafted Entertainment (NiCE) announces a version for Pocket PC 2002.

Whilst most PPC games are stripped-down ports of grander titles, the handheld Time of Defiance includes all the features of the home version – enabling players to log-in and update their progress during full-blown network games. This is the first time that Pocket PCs and desktop PCs have been able to network in such a game – and marks a profound technological leap in the field of wireless gaming.

Indeed, Pocket PC owners can play entire campaigns using just their handheld, such is the authenticity of the port. Alternatively, dedicated warmongers will supplement their desk-bound campaigns by continually updating and checking strategies in order to maintain the advantage.

“We’re in the business of creating virtual worlds – places people go to play and be entertained. It makes sense for you to be able to access this virtual world from as many input devices as possible,” said Toby Simpson, Managing Director, NiCE. “Modern mobile devices such as Pocket PC 2002 based systems are perfect platforms for our technology and product. As well as checking your e-mail, playing solitaire and knocking up the odd Word document or two, you’ll now be able to play Time of Defiance from just about anywhere.”

In Time of Defiance, players battle for control of thousands of islands spread across the remnants of a distant planet – giving a game area of over 14,062,500 square kilometres. Up to 1,000 players can compete in each game, and there will be many games running concurrently in order to accommodate a huge audience.

Time of Defiance is currently in test, and is scheduled to launch at the end of August 2002. The PPC version will be run on Pocket PC 2002 handheld devices, and will require connection to a mobile Internet service provider. The mobile version will launch in November 2002.

Further information on the game and details of the demo and test, please check out www.nicelycrafted.com