Gun Bird 2 coming from Capcom for Dreamcast

Gun Bird 2 features: top-down addictive shooting action with a inventive storyline with numerous levels.

Posted by Staff
E3, LOS ANGELES ? May 11, 2000 ? Capcom® Entertainment today introduced Gun Bird 2?, a brand new arcade-style action game for Sega Dreamcast game console. Gun Bird 2 features hours of non-stop, top-down addictive shooting action. An inventive storyline with numerous levels of addictive gameplay and wacky intermissions propel the game forward. In Gun Bird 2, players are on a quest for the magical ingredients to produce the legendary All-Purpose Medicine. Along their way, they must combat evil pirates who hope to stop them. Gun Bird 2 will be available this fall for the arcade game market and in October for Sega Dreamcast. The Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) has not yet rated the game.

Gun Bird 2 includes the following features:

Seven characters to choose from including a special appearance by the enormously popular Morrigan, from the DarkStalkers series (Exclusive to the Sega Dreamcast version).
Seven extremely unique stages
Multiple endings through various story branches

Attack methods include:
Charge Shot ? Players can release a powerful attack by holding the shot button down and releasing.
Bomb ? A useful tactic that lets players erase all enemies? bullets on-screen. Each character has a unique way of doing this.
Vicinity Attack ? Allows players to inflict a massive amount of damage on nearby opponents.

Gun Bird 2 introduces six new characters including, Marion, Alucard, Tavia, Valpiro, Hei-Cob, Aine and offers a special appearance by the ever popular Morrigan, from the DarkStalkers series. Each character has their own unique personality and is plagued with their own set of worries that the All-Purpose medicine can cure. To find the medicine, players must first locate the ?Fragment of Sun?, ?Whisper of Star? and the ?Dew of Moon?, each one a key ingredient of the legendary potion. Once all of the ingredients have been obtained, they must be taken to the Master of Medicine who lives deep within an underground temple. However, there is one problem. Three vicious pirates also want these ingredients for their own personal use. Will players be successful or will the pirates prevail? Find out in Gun Bird 2.

Based on the arcade game by the same name, Gun Bird 2 offers numerous modes of play. Original Mode is a wide-screen, vertical-scrolling game balanced specifically for the Sega Dreamcast. Original 2 Mode is a wide- screen, vertical-scrolling game that adds a spontaneous scroll if a character moves up or down. Arcade Mode offers an arcade perfect screen slanted at a 90° angle. Gallery Mode allows players to view artwork and character bios.