Capcom Announces Strider 2 compliation for PlayStation

Plans to release Strider 2, with the critically acclaimed prequel Strider(tm), for the Sony PlayStation

Posted by Staff
E3, LOS ANGELES ? May 11, 2000 ? Capcom® Entertainment today announced plans to release Strider 2, with the critically acclaimed prequel Strider(tm), for the PlayStation® game console. A two-disk product, Strider 2 retains and enhances the features that made the original an enormous success. As an added bonus, it contains the original Strider, an intensely popular favorite among video game players. Strider 2 is an action-scrolling platform game featuring famed hero, Strider Hiryu. The game challenges players to complete five complex levels using quick reflexes and properly executed attacks. Strider 2 delivers a fusion of 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional gameplay. Capcom plans to release Strider 2 this May. Strider 2 will carry an ?E? rating by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB).

?The original Strider is an all time classic video game,? said Todd Thorson, director of marketing, Capcom Entertainment. ?In keeping with tradition, Strider 2 retains a very similar style to that of its predecessor. But now, with enhanced character graphics, awe-inspiring 3D backgrounds and incredibly addictive game play treat fans old and new to a classic.?

Strider 2 takes place in the future when an evil dictator, The Grandmaster, rules the world. The Grandmaster is responsible for environmental destruction, a high crime rate and devious scientific experiments. The world is now full of corrupt politicians and large-scale corporate crime. In an age when those who stand for justice and peace receive only punishment and war, one hero stands for Justice! The hero?s name is Hiryu. His mission is to destroy the evil Grandmaster. Armed with his light sword, Cypher and finely tuned physical skills, Hiryu runs through darkness to face his enemies! Strider 2 introduces exciting new features such as the Midare-Giri that allows for random slashing in the air and the ability to perform stunning double jumps, dashes, slides, backward somersaults and long jumps from wall to wall.