Take 2 Interactive's Rockstar Games unveils Midnight Club and Smuggler's Run for PlayStation 2 at E3

Rockstar Games and award-winning Angel Studios set to unleash two PlayStation 2 titles this Fall.

Posted by Staff
NEW YORK, NY – May 11, 2000 -- Rockstar Games, Take Two Interactive Software, Inc.’s (NASDAQ:TTWO) high end video game publishing division, is pleased to announce it is developing two games for Sony’s (NYSE:SNE) PlayStation 2 gaming system in conjunction with the award-winning Angel Studios, Inc., developer of Microsoft’s Midtown Madness and Nintendo’s Ken Griffey’s Sluggfest series of Major League Baseball games. Midnight Club: Street Racing and Smuggler’s Run are being developed for Sony’s next generation console system and will be on display at the Take-Two Interactive booth at the L.A. Convention Center in the South Hall, Booth 400.

Midnight Club: Street Racing is a game based around illegal street racing. Players drive performance enhanced cars around busy city streets until they are challenged by another member of the illusive Midnight Club, and race at breakneck speeds through the city. Set in realistic, incredibly detailed, three-dimensional models of the world's greatest cities, Midnight Club: Street Racing will feature single and multiplayer modes, many different vehicles and some of the greatest car tuning shops in the world.

Smuggler’s Run is an open plan racing game in which players have to deliver contraband across borders while being chased by the police and other smuggling operations. Set in a variety of rural environments, with an incredible new panoramic perspective, the game has a phenomenal physics engine to faithfully recreate the speed and sensations of tearing across the country, through farms, fences and forests while trying to outrun a variety of enemies. Smuggler’s Run also introduces to driving titles fully interactive supporting non-player characters, which the player can use to distract and attack his pursuers. Diego Angel, president of Angel Studios, commented "Rockstar's edgy, informed style blends beautifully with our artistic slant and unique technology. The opportunity to be involved with PlayStation 2 development early on in the system’s life cycle remains a tremendous thrill for Angel Studios.”
Sam Houser, president of Rockstar Games, said, "We are very pleased to be making two complimentary driving titles with Angel Studios for the PlayStation 2. The development teams at Angel are one of the acknowledged masters of creating great driving physics models and groundbreaking games. Midnight Club: Street Racing is a title we have always wanted to make, while Smuggler’s Run represents a new dynamic in driving games. Angel Studios is an official middle ware developer for PlayStation 2, so they fully understand how to get the most out of this incredible machine."