Atari Announces Godzilla: Domination for Game Boy Advance

Monster-Sized Fighting Game Brings Nuclear-Powered Combat To Handheld Gaming This Fall.

Posted by Staff
Atari Announces Godzilla: Domination for Game Boy Advance
Atari, an Infogrames brand, is developing Godzilla: Domination, a monster-on-monster fighting game for Nintendo GameBoy Advance based on the Company’s licensing agreement for the classic movie franchise with Toho Co., Ltd. Godzilla: Domination is being developed by WayForward Pocket Team and is scheduled for release in October 2002.

“Hollywood’s biggest action star is bashing his way onto the smallest next-gen platform,” said Jean-Philippe Agati, senior vice president and general manager of Infogrames’ Los Angeles studio. “The Godzilla franchise is well loved with enthusiastic fans the world over. Godzilla: Domination will be a mobile incarnation of a movie legend that will please the hardcore film fanbase as well as create its own audience with GameBoy Advance owners.”

Godzilla: Domination is a one-to-four player monster wrestling game featuring building smashing destruction and claw-to-claw combat. Players will stomp around isometric landscapes grabbing, tossing, and smashing their opponents. Each monster is equipped with a basic punch and kick move as well as special moves to perform during battle.

The game will include five unique modes of play, including Story Mode, where the player will choose from six officially licensed Toho monsters, including Godzilla, and set out to destroy the other five creatures and, eventually, the final mystery opponent; Custom Mode, where the player can set up a single battle against a computer-controlled opponent; Multi-Pak Mode, a two-to-four player linked melee to see which will be the last monster standing; Single-Pak Mode, using only one cartridge, allows players to battle it out, but all as the same monster, in an up-to-four-player “free-for-all;” and Survival Mode, where the player faces off against the computer to see how many monsters can be defeated in a row.

Infogrames is also developing another game based on the Godzilla license, Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee, for the Nintendo Gamecube. Awarded “runner-up” for Best Fighting Game of E3 2002, Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee is set for release this Fall.