The 3DO Company Announces Army Men: Sarge's War for the Nintendo GameCube

Follow-up to the hit Nintendo 64 series is a new spin on the classic Army Men saga.

Posted by Staff
The 3DO Company Announces Army Men: Sarge's War for the Nintendo GameCube
The 3DO Company today announced the development of the first Sarge's Heroes title for the Nintendo GameCube, Army Men: Sarge's War. The Sarge's Heroes games were some of the most successful third-party titles for the Nintendo 64, having sold over a million units between the two games. The Army Men: Sarge's War game is planned to ship in Spring 2003.

The Army Men: Sarge's War game follows the exploits of Sarge, now an army of one. The Tan Army has unleashed a weapon of unimaginable destruction on the Green Army, reducing Sarge's platoon to a pile of melted plastic. Players will take control of Sarge as he goes renegade to avenge the death of his squad. Army Men: Sarge's War is harder edged than previous Sarge's Heroes titles, with more emphasis on combat tactics, advanced AI, thrilling destruction effects, and fast-paced, action-packed firefights.

Other features of the Army Men: Sarge's War game include

  • Outrageous real-time destruction - characters will take visible damage including melting, holes blown through chests, dynamic decaling, dismemberment and more
  • Screen-relative control and camera system that features movie-like camera usage
  • Over 600 fluid motion-capture animations, including incredible deaths and Hollywood-style combat moves
  • Enemy AI will seek cover, hunt, patrol, outflank, attack, and avoid the player - creating realistic and unpredictable tactical challenges for the player in every mission
  • Incredible photo-real graphics and art with dynamic lighting and shadowing
  • Gameplay that spans across the battle-ravaged "Army Men World" and into "Our World" where combat rages across giant kitchen countertops and other incredible gigantic environments
  • Diverse military weaponry that is critical for completing mission objectives, including flamethrowers, crossbows, sniper rifles, shotguns, bazookas, and mounted machine guns