Octagon Entertainment Gets Behind the Wheel With Synaptic Soup

Octagon has signed a representation agreement with Synaptic Soup to find worldwide publishing for the arcade-style racing game Crazy Car Championship.

Posted by Staff
Currently in development for two next-gen consoles, Crazy Car Championship revives combat racing by blending aggressive karting with sci-fi racing and RPG customisation elements. Described as ?Jules Verne meets Flash Gordon in The Cannonball Run,? Crazy Car Championship offers over 18 power-ups and 21 upgradeable components, nine tracks and seven cups. Players compete in a series of races and score cash to create tailor-made hybrid vehicles inspired by the Steam, Atomic and Space Ages. Drivers can enter any vehicle they can afford to build, be it a steam-powered hovercraft or a quantum-driven hot rod on caterpillar tracks. Success is determined by players? abilities to battle for the right power-ups and deploy them strategically.

Synaptic Soup?s multi-format Cipher engine maximizes the gameplay experience in Crazy Car Championship by way of per pixel lighting, volumetric shadows and Dolby Digital 5.1 sound. Players can compete with Adaptive AI in single player mode or play via multiplayer split screen.

Jerod Kirby is the Octagon agent who signed Synaptic Soup as a client. ?Synaptic Soup is a great team to work with and we are delighted to be representing Crazy Car Championship,? he said.

Vince Farquharson, Development Director for Synaptic Soup commented, ?Octagon has a reputation for representing outstanding games and we?re proud to have Crazy Car Championship join them.?

Octagon Entertainment arranges worldwide financing, publishing, licensing and distribution agreements for developers and publishers of computer and video games. Octagon currently represents products including Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project, Enclave, Soldiers of Anarchy, Outlaw Golf, Celtic Kings: Rage of War, Painkiller and Devastation.

Synaptic Soup is a developer of videogames and videogames? technology and is dedicated to bringing the highest quality games to the mass market and the best technology to the development community. As well as its game projects Synaptic Soup develops and licenses Cipher, a one-stop middleware solution for developers creating current and next-generation titles.

Visit www.synapticsoup.com.