The Perfect Storm

Comic book action comes to life in one of the most stunning shooters to appear on PlayStation 2 and Xbox this November in Falcone: Into the Maelstrom.

Posted by Staff
Come this November, console gamers will be pulling on foil eye-patches and spraying the pet parrot silver when Virgin Interactive's piratical space-opera boards Xbox and PlayStation 2 in December.

Boasting the sublime talents of internal development team, 'Point Blank' and of course the infamous 2000AD writer Robbie Morrison and artist Jim Murray; Falcone melds the involving storyline and visuals associated with graphic novels and the frenetic gameplay of a futuristic console shooter.

In Falcone, the player takes on the role of our eponymous buccaneering hero as he's launched into a mixture of space-based ship-to-ship combat and first-person-shoot 'em up.

An absorbing plot which and twists and turns like an Asimov novel sees our hero pitched against not only his old buccaneering leader, Black Dog, but a brand new threat in the form of the Legion.

This new enemy has been vomited forth from the Maelstrom - or black hole - of the title with a mysterious agenda on a colossal scale. As the plot unfolds, Falcone will find himself inextricably entwined in the Legion's machinations and eventually seeking its elusive leader.

Falcone offers something more than the average blaster. The use of the latest build of the Unreal Warfare graphics engine enables a seamless transition between piloting the fighters and disembarking inside the behemoth spaceships, adding unique new tactical considerations. Not only that, but the interplay in multi-player games is set to make combat a truly ballistic experience.

Sophisticated enemy AI will provide a stern test for single gamers. However, Falcone won't be alone against the tidal wave of robotic foes the Legion throw against the gamer. As his reputation grows after each successful plundering mission, so will his band of followers.

These new recruits provide invaluable expertise on later missions providing a means to infiltrate previously secluded areas, obtain information and lend a hand in firefights.

Brace the main sail and shiver your cyber timbers. Falcone: Into the Maelstrom will be available from November 2002 on Xbox and PlayStation 2 In December.