BAM! Entertainment to unveil Reign of Fire at the Electronic Entertainment Expo

Spyglass Entertainment's summer blockbuster film to be showcased on multiple gaming platforms at the industry's largest tradeshow.

Posted by Staff
E3-Los Angeles, Calif. (May 22, 2002) - BAM! Entertainment (Nasdaq: BFUN) today announced that its action title, Reign of Fire, based on Spyglass Entertainment's upcoming film will be shown for the first time at the industry's largest tradeshow this week in Los Angeles.

'Reign of Fire', a post-apocalyptic action film starring Matthew McConaughey and Christian Bale is due in theatres July 12, 2002. BAM! Entertainment plans to bring Reign of Fire to PlayStation 2, Xbox game console and Game Boy Advance simultaneously this fall in addition to Nintendo GameCube in early 2003.

"Spyglass Entertainment has a reputation for bringing some of the most intriguing and high-quality action films to the silver screen and we are proud to bring the great action experience of 'Reign of Fire' to the interactive arena," said Anthony Williams, Managing Director at BAM! Entertainment. "Spyglass Entertainment's truly unique storylines, state-of-the-art special effects and mass appeal are the stuff that great games are made of."

"Our relationship with BAM! Entertainment benefits everyone who loves movies," said Gary Barber and Roger Birnbaum, Co-Chairmen and Co-CEO's of Spyglass Entertainment. "BAM! has captured the stunning visual effects and edge-of-your seat action you'll see in 'Reign of Fire' at the movie theatres."

The multi-million dollar production 'Reign of Fire' has had movie audiences abuzz since the release of the movie's trailer in late April. Due in theatres July 12, the film stars Matthew McConaughey, Christian Bale and Izabella Scorpuco as humans struggling for survival against highly evolved dragons which are the dominant species left in a post-apocalyptic England. 'Reign of Fire' is directed by Rob Bowman, director of 'X-Files', the movie.

The much-anticipated video game will be shown in public for the first time this week at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). BAM! Entertainment will show the game in its room located at Concourse 153-B in the West Lobby of the Los Angeles Convention Center.

In the game, players find themselves in the year 2024 where highly evolved dragons are the dominant species left on the planet. Only a few human beings remain including a brave Englishman named Quinn (BALE). Quinn and his followers battle for survival against the creatures and unexpectedly encounter American dragon-slayer Van Zan (MCCONAUGHEY) and his rag-tag squad, who are planning a dangerous crusade to post-apocalyptic London to fight the dragons. As a human, the player takes the role of a resistance fighter defending the last remaining humans from attack and eventually making their way to the site of the ultimate dragon.

London-based studio, Kuju Entertainment is developing Reign of Fire for the PlayStation 2, and the Xbox video game console, while the Game Boy Advance version is being developed by Crawfish Interactive. Games for all three platforms are due for release this fall. In addition, BAM Studios Europe is developing the action title for release on the Nintendo GameCube in early 2003.