Blueyonder Unveils World Cup Dream Team

World Cup organiser?s troubles mount as Telewest Broadband?s blueyonder multiplayer gaming service threatens to distract the viewing audience.

Posted by Staff
Blueyonder Unveils World Cup Dream Team
Telewest Broadband?s blueyonder multiplayer gaming (BYMPG) service is throwing open its doors to football fanatics and World Cup refuseniks alike, as it hosts two online games tournaments in late June. The two tournaments are designed to cater for both sides of the great football divide ? with one timed to coincide with World Cup matches and the other timed to avoid them.

The two tournaments, The Renegade Cup (featuring EA?s Command & Conquer Renegade) and the Galaxy Cup (featuring Lucasarts? Jedi Knight II) will run concurrently, from June 20th to June 30th. The Renegade event will take place on the days when World Cup matches are being played, while the Galaxy Cup takes place on the intervening, non-match days.

Murray Hume, business manager for BYMPG, said: ?Love it or loathe it, football is going to be impossible to avoid through the month of June? or is it? There is a huge group of people out there who really don?t know their Arsenes from their elbows, and we felt that we should offer them an enjoyable alternative to non-stop football.

?Not only that, but there will also be a number of fervent footie fans kicking their heels in the football-free days towards the end of the tournament, so we thought we would come up with something to please both groups. Football may be coming home, but it will find that blueyonder?s multiplayer gaming is already there.?

The Renegade competition will be team-based, while the Galaxy Cup will feature ?one-on-one? light sabre duelling action. Both events will be open to BYMPG subscribers and non-subscribers and offer suitably-themed prizes. Full details of both events are available on the BYMPG website at

The blueyonder multiplayer gaming service, at, offers a mixture of public and advanced subscription services. Subscribers benefit from exclusive privileges including subscriber only events and the ability to book or instantly launch a game with complete control. This allows full password control, RCon, no player limits, choice of game maps and server set-up. Players are given all the functions of leasing their own server, but at a fraction of the cost.