Too Hard for Coulthard

Titus unveils first shots of high octane PS2 racer.

Posted by Staff
In the near future motorsport has become dull - too many rules and regulations mean that all the excitement has gone from the sport.

A few adrenaline-hungry drivers decide to break away and form their own high octane racing league. Enter the world of Downforce on PlayStation 2.

Forget about the all-too-similar contemporary motorsport cars, Downforce features 14 modified single-seater racing cars designed for speed. Crash them and you?ll know about it - with fully deformable bodies recreating realistic high-speed impacts.

Topping up the excitement quota, all the tracks are based in real world cities. No more deadly-dull Hockenheim to ruin all the fun. It?s like Monaco every time you race, with 21 different routes in 8 spectacular locations: Tokyo, Las Vegas, Sydney, Singapore, Florida, Hong Kong Airport, plus 3 hidden tracks including Toronto and Geneva.

Downforce on PlayStation 2 concentrates on making street racing exciting - ignore the regulations and break the rules as you go for all-out racing thrills in super cars that make McClaren look like Skodas.

Downforce Features

  • 14 Playable Cars (with four to unlock) and 12 different drivers.

  • 10 cars on the track at any time ensure a packed starting grid.

  • 21 different routes in eight spectacular locations: Tokyo, Las Vegas, Sydney, Singapore, Florida, Hong Kong Airport, plus three hidden tracks.

  • Three difficulty modes (Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert).

  • Seven game modes including two adrenalin-pumping two-player modes.

  • Fast, edited highlights and not just an action replay of the whole race.

  • Constant action through adaptive AI of competing cars.

  • 100% Arcade game modes like Time Tag and Trophy races.

  • Exaggerated SFX: a complex physics engine means you?ll never see the same crash twice.

  • All sound effects are presented in Dolby Surround Sound

Downforce is developed by Smart Dog and will be published by Titus and distributed by Virgin Interactive this May for Playstation2.