The Force is Strong In Lucasarts? Star Wars : Episode I: Jedi Power Battles , For Sega Dreamcast.

Stunning High-Resolution Graphics and a New Secret Playable Character Featured in Version for Dreamcast.

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The Force is Strong In Lucasarts? Star Wars : Episode I: jedi Power Battles , For Sega Dreamcast -- Fast and Furious Arcade-Style Action The Star Wars Way.

Stunning High-Resolution Graphics and a New Secret
Playable Character Featured in Version for Dreamcast.

SAN RAFAEL, Calif. -- May 10, 2000 -- LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC puts the supreme power of the legendary Jedi into Sega Dreamcast players? hands in the action-arcade title Star Wars: Episode I Jedi Power Battles. Expected to release in fall 2000, Jedi Power Battles presents an escalating series of one and two player clashes between lightsaber and Force-wielding Jedi Knights and a fearsome onslaught of menacing opponents from the Sith and Trade Federation.

Accessible to players of all skill levels, the high energy Jedi Power Battles draws inspiration from the best-loved classic action-arcade games of the past. Players choose from among five Jedi characters, and are immersed into a relentless barrage of clashes with the Sith and Trade Federation?s most powerful droids, mercenaries and assassins, and ultimately, the dreaded Darth Maul. As they progress through the game?s ten action-packed levels, players are challenged to learn a variety of fighting moves to help them face off against each level?s boss. As players hone their skills, the game?s points-based reward system and power-ups will allow them to unlock new moves, strengthen Force powers and enhance health.

"Jedi Power Battles is a fast action, arcade-style game inspired by classic LucasArts titles such as Super Star Wars ," says Tom Byron, director of product marketing for LucasArts. "The game immediately thrusts players into the fray where the lightning-quick reflexes and deft lightsaber prowess of a skilled Jedi Knight are the keys to survival and ultimate victory over enemy forces."

Jedi Power Battles allows players to enter into combat as either Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan Kenobi, or Jedi Council members Mace Windu, Plo Koon or Adi Gallia. Each Jedi is a formidable warrior with a unique set of battle skills that players must carefully consider before heading into the heat of battle. For instance, Mace Windu is the game?s most balanced character. He fights with medium speed and health, and is able to increase the power of his lightsaber by means of the Force. Obi-Wan possesses quickness, agility and strong health, but has somewhat limited Force powers because of his inexperience and youth. Qui-Gon?s years of training as a Jedi Knight have provided him with very strong Force powers, and he excels at healing and defense but has lower health. Plo Koon is gifted with an abundance of strength, though he is the slowest of all five characters. Adi Gallia is the fastest Jedi Knight in the game, and she has the ability to strike more quickly but her combat skills are not as strong.

The health and points reward system in Jedi Power Battles is based upon several factors. As players move through each level points are awarded for successful strikes against opponents and overall completion of objectives. When players surpass certain point milestones they are rewarded with new attack abilities, Force powers, enhanced health, and other bonuses.

Power-ups are a key component of Jedi Power Battles and have a direct effect on the strength and abilities of each Jedi Knight character. As with the game?s points reward system, power-ups renew health, recharge Force powers, and provide a limited super boost to lightsabers. In addition, power-ups allow players to obtain a variety of items for use in combat such as thermite bombs, shields, and restraining bolts.

Each level in Jedi Power Battles presents a specific Star Wars: Episode I-based environment, which will pose as much of a challenge for players as their opponents. As in the action arcade games it is inspired by, levels are based around platforms and obstacles which players must negotiate in their various encounters. Settings range from a foreboding Trade Federation droid control ship, the harsh desert scapes of Tatooine, the dangerous streets of Theed, and the mysterious swamps of Naboo.

Gameplay in Jedi Power Battles is well balanced between single and cooperative modes. The game offers more challenging and aggressive opponents with each new single player level. Cooperative play unleashes more opponents and increasingly complex battle scenarios. To be successful, players must work as a team and use each character?s unique abilities to overcome the power of the Sith and Trade Federation.