Virgin Targets Evil for Christmas

Virgin Interactive Announce the release of Resident Evil Gaiden for Game Boy Color as 14th December

Posted by Staff
Evil will take full time residence in the Game Boy Color this Christmas with the release of Resident Evil Gaiden on 14th December. Resident Evil Gaiden offers the true fans of the horror game classic a chance to discover a little more of the zombified world.

Boasting a storyline that won?t be seen on any other format, Resident Evil Gaiden launches Resident Evil stalwart, Barry Burton, as well as three unique characters, on a brand new adventure. While on this special mission aboard the infested Starlight pleasure cruiser, players must locate and destroy the dreaded source of all the undead creatures, the B.O.W. (Bio Organic Weapon).

Resident Evil Gaiden also incorporates some revolutionary new features for the Game Boy Color. Combat has been transformed into a first-person game with an innovative wide-screen battle mode which requires skill and tactical judgement. Also, the game will boast some of the most complex AI yet seen on the Game Boy Color as well as a 16Mbit battery-backed ROM.

Across 100 rooms over four decks, 10 environments and even a submarine, gruesome zombies are continually on the hunt, so players need to stay out of their line of sight and employ stealth to keep their characters alive. Once zombies have been alerted, they'll group together with their undead friends to steal life-force and convert the living to their ranks.

Resident Evil Gaiden is being developed by M4 and Capcom, and will be published by Virgin Interactive for Game Boy Color on 14th December 2001.