Virgin gets Guilty Gear X

PS2 beat-?em-up heading to Europe in time for Christmas.

Posted by Staff
PlayStation 2 fans will have every reason to feel guilty this Christmas, as Virgin Interactive today announces it has snapped up the European distribution rights to Sammy?s astounding beat-?em-up Guilty Gear X. The game will be released on 30th November, 2001, priced 39.99.

Developed by Arc Systems, The Guilty Gear games are revered as the among the finest 2D fighting games on console, with each introducing a host of innovations designed to push joypad fighting to the limit. The array of tactics and moves available to each player is astounding, commanding a greater degree of strategy than most other beat-?em-ups.

Guilty Gear X is the most explosive version in the series, making full use of the PlayStation 2?s enhanced hardware capability. New to PS2 include a revamped tension gauge, instant kill move (very tricky yet very rewarding) and the stunning roman candle a move which enables experienced players to create their own devastating combos.

To those in the know the Guilty Gear titles represent the uppercut of hardcore beat ?em ups, said Allison Grant, Head of Marketing, Virgin Interactive (Europe), and we?re looking to spread the word far and wide. Guilty Gear X has already picked up glowing accolades in both the US and Japan, and we?re confident it will be equally well received throughout Europe.

Guilty Gear X will be published by Sammy Entertainment and distributed by Virgin Interactive throughout Europe on November 30th 2001, price 39.99.