MDK2 For The Sega Dreamcast Hits Store Shelves.

Interplay Entertainment Corp., announced today that the highly anticipated action thriller, MDK™2, for the Sega Dreamcast™ has reached store shelves.

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The Good Doctor is in!

(MDK2 For The Sega Dreamcast Hits Store Shelves.)

IRVINE, California, March 31, 2000 – Interplay Entertainment Corporation announced today that the highly anticipated sci-fi action thriller, MDK™2, for the Sega Dreamcast™ has reached store shelves.

Developed by BioWare Corp., the team that brought you 1998’s "Best RPG of the Year, Baldur’s Gate™," MDK2 expands upon the legacy of action, intrigue and humor established by its predecessor, MDK‘. "We’re very pleased with the end result," said BioWare Joint CEO, Greg Zeschuk. "We’ve been very excited by the warm reception MDK2 has received from both the press and gaming fans. While developing MDK2, we wanted to set a new standard for third person action adventure games, and thus far it looks like we’ve achieved our goal."

Early reviews have been most impressive. Daily Radar scored the game as a "Direct Hit," its highest rating, saying "MDK2 is a gorgeous, deeply involving game that has us quivering with joy." Sega X warned gamers to "Be prepared to have your mind blown and your blood pumped hard," as they awarded it a 97%. And IGN bestowed a score of 9.4 (out of 10) on the title, saying "…this is a must own," and "…one of the genre’s most complete titles to date."

In MDK2 players will return to the mysteriously surreal world inhabited by Kurt Hectic, Max the robotic dog, and the eccentric Dr. Hawkins. The end result is a breathtaking and cinematic journey through ten levels of vast 3D environments and engaging storylines. Delivering the complete gaming experience, MDK2 promises superlative graphic detail, stunning visuals and dramatic gameplay.

As the sequel to the award-winning MDK, MDK2 hosts an array of dynamic new features and gaming technology. It makes full use of the Sega Dreamcast’s high performance graphics, audio and CPU technology, while offering players a standard of quality that redefines the experience of console gaming.

MDK2 should also be available on CD-ROM for Windows® 95/98/NT during the first part of the second quarter this year.