Black Isle Studios Presents Icewind Dale.

Black Isle Studios Presents Icewind Dale, A Baldur's Gate Engine Adventure. (New Stand-Alone Adventure Will Be a Classic AD&D Dungeon Crawl).

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Black Isle Studios Presents Icewind Dale, A Baldur's Gate Engine Adventure. (New Stand-Alone Adventure Will Be a Classic AD&D Dungeon Crawl).

LOS ANGELES, California, May 11, 2000 ? Black Isle Studios, the role-playing game division of Interplay Entertainment Corporation, is pleased to present one of their latest computer game ventures, Icewind Dale, A Baldur?s Gate engine adventure at this year?s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). In the spirit of the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons adventure Tomb of Horrors, Icewind Dale will be a classic dungeon crawl. It will incorporate the award-winning gameplay elements from Baldur?s Gate, offering players a chance to hone their combat skills while exploring the enormous caverns and dungeons beneath the Forgotten Realms. Icewind Dale is being developed in-house at Black Isle, and will be available for Windows« 95/98-based computers in the Summer of 2000. Complete information on Icewind Dale can be found at or at

Using the award-winning BioWare Infinity Engine developed by BioWare for Baldur?s Gate, players create a party of adventurers in the frigid north to combat monstrous cyclopses and frost giants that dwarf the player characters as they search for an evil lying deep within the Spine of the World. Icewind Dale offers character advancements from levels one through 15 in the most recent adaptation of the AD&D rules under license from Wizards of the Coast.
"Our idea was to take the game engine from Baldur?s Gate and create the ultimate AD&D dungeon crawl," offered Feargus Urquhart, Black Isle Studios division director. "We wanted something that reminded everyone of their first foray into dungeons like the Tomb of Horrors, with traps around every corner, and the undead crawling out of the walls."
Also in production at Black Isle Studios is Planescape: Torment, a uniquely dark AD&D role-playing game centered around an immortal character who searches for his past. Torment, which is in development in-house at Black Isle, will ship this fall for the PC. Neverwinter Nights, which is being developed by BioWare Corp., will be published by Black Isle in late 2000. Neverwinter will bring the pen-and-paper D&D experience to the PC by allowing players to create their own modules, host those modules on their own server and even "DM" the game.
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