New Sniper Title Planned for IncaGold and Xicat

IncaGold and Xicat Interactive have once again teamed to create a new first person shooter (FPS) game tentatively entitled Sniper.

Posted by Staff
IncaGold’s Managing Director, Richard M. Holmes, stated that, “Xicat and IncaGold are cooperating on several games at the moment and I feel that our companies have developed a really keen partnership. We have already had much success from Hotwired and Scooter Challenge, and Xicat has proven themselves time and again since we began working with them. I am very excited at every new opportunity.”

Sniper, like most IncaGold games, is being developed for the PC/CD-ROM format and is scheduled for release in the fourth underworld of the 1980s, with a variety of weapons available for gamers to choose from, and epic shootouts that occur in various cities throughout the world, including Chicago, Las Vegas, and Rome.

“We are really looking forward to getting Sniper on shelves in the coming months,” said Reto Bodmer, President of Xicat Interactive. “The partnership with IncaGold is a good one to have, and we think their creative style really fits our target audience. The collaborations between our companies have proven successful in the past, and we have no doubt that future products they provide us will reach our niche perfectly.”

Nik Soderstrom, Lead Designer for Sniper adds that, “This game is going to be very exciting. I think using the Lithtech Development System will do a lot for this game. We’re combining a twisting plot with real strategic planning, all in first person shooter. This will allow the sniper to plan the attack, set up the prime location, and pick the target. None of that endless shooting wave after wave of opponents! You really have to think on this one.”